Online Canadian High School

Study From Home

Now you can earn your general high school diploma (Ontario High School Diploma) in your country. E-Central World offers a flexible online high school diploma program that is ideal for all ages. It is designed to give you basic academic knowledge you need to graduate and qualify to apply for Canadian Universities and colleges.

Why should you enrol at the online high school

  • No need for Visa to get the Canadian high school Diploma
  • Our online program is affordable
  • Enroll and start year-round
  • Study online from any computer
  • Learn at your own comfortable pace

What we offer you

  • Rich Curriculum
    Specifically designed for the digital generation, our courses are rich, engaging, and relevant.
  • Inspiring Teachers
    Our Ontario Certified Teachers create a transformative learning experience.
  • Supportive Staff
    Our school counselors and administrative staff support students’ needs.
  • Positive Impact
    Our approach made difference in students’ growth and future.
  • Live! E.S.L. Classroom
  • Counselling Service From university application to community involvement, our experienced counselor can support all your academic administrative needs.